Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Last Project Evaluation

The final screening was a lot of fun. I wish it had been a little warmer but that's ok. Every one's project was creative. I really liked the rotoscoping projects. They were amazing. What artists can do in post-production blows my mind. I wish I could have taken that class next year. Anyway, on to six by one. I thought our project were really great, they way people used scanners and camera phones, and on top of everything it was the beginning of exam week. I know I had to complete my project in one day and them edit some the day of, because of all my papers. Some of the stop-motion animation was awesome. I really liked Russ' project where he animated all of the electronics. I don't know how he managed to animate the cords so they floated in mid air but that was really entertaining. He must have used fishing line or something.

I think Nate used fishing line as well with his project which was very mush like stop-motion. He said he had over 400 pictures. That's nuts. I really wanted to be overly ambitious with this project but I just didn't have the time. I managed to get some of my ideas in the final project but I had a lot more creative ideas than I could achieve with the time I had to complete the project. If I could make one complain about six by one it would be that the final projects were too close to exams. If the 48 hour shoot was a little earlier students could put more effort into the projects.

Six by one has been a great experience and I hope that everyone enjoyed the class as much as I did. I have really taken a lot from this class. For one, it helps everyone see film as an art instead of a tool to make money. It helped me understand that there are a lot more films than just Hollywood Narrative productions. Anyway, I really enjoyed the class and I'm glad I was able to takke it while I was at UNCW.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I actually was filming all weekend, plus it was my girlfriends birthday, plus this is my senior year.... so I'm thinking about becoming a member of Cucalorus and renting all of the films I missed.  I was really upset we had to shoot this weekend, I wish we could have worked it out so that we could schedule it around the festival but it was impossible.  I managed to see some of the films before the weekend.  I caught Two Hours in the Dark by Chip, it's not a completed picture yet but he had all of the scenes.  It was nice to see how he planned out the cinematography and since Chip has experience in the camera department as well as the writing I think the product is going to be very nice.  We saw the trailer in class and I personally think it could be expanded into a feature.  
Anyway, I caught Ichthyopolis I really think I connected with my inner fish.  I really love the opera bites.  I also hear a lot of these in your film where you used the scanner.  I think this is part of your style and as a filmmaker I think this is very important.  I thought it was great.  Fish are such interesting creatures and mixing that with the human and giving each there own vibe was very amusing.  I thought the colors and images were very psychedelic and captured ones attention.  It's very hard for me to sit through most experimental films but this one was very stimulating.  I'm a narrative guy so if I can find some type of narrative structure, I'm happy.  I could really follow the fish and the owners and the fish changing the owners, I thought it was great.
I also tried to go to Jengo's on Thursday night but I got there too late.  So of course I went to the back and drank.  But it was great, Dr. Kreul had this DJ thing going where he was mixing music with controlled images hooked up to a midi player and all of the film students were hanging out.  It was one of the few times that UNCW film studies really feels like a community and I think this is one of the things this program lacks.  It think Cucalorus helps film studies a lot and I think it is a great experience for anyone who is into independent film.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Up to date....

Excuse the grammatical errors in advance.

So far 6x1 has been a blast.  I feel like we have had a lot of fun and it has been a nice class to just cool the critical studies for a while and express myself artistically.  It has also helped me learn that accidents are sometimes positive and art is objective.  I agree strongly with the idea that art should not be judged.  As long as an artist stays true to their convictions and creates something that represents what they want to portray.  I have also found liberation in confinement.  For 6x1 we are given pretty strict guidelines and sometimes we do not always follow these guidelines but I have found it you try and follow the instruction provided you will find new and creative ways to make interesting work.  For example, the 48 hour shoot is very strict with it's guidelines but without these we may not be able to look outside of the generic ways of creating film.  It's almost like the best is the best not because we think its the best or it looks the best but only because it's the norm and 6x1 forces us to look "outside the box" and try to predict was something is going to look like if we try this or that.  But, many times I am just shooting in the dark and creating something new and interesting that may give life to an entirely new project or can be Incorporated in other projects like narrative projects or documentary projects.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the 3D projects are going to look like.  It was fun to try to create something that will look better in 3D but it seems that it is very hit or miss.  It's like you have to try a bunch of cool different things and troubleshoot them and hopefully they look good when you project everything.  It was interesting seeing how a 3D image is created.  Filming the two cameras together was very difficult because all the action had to happen in a very tight framing.  After reviewing the footage I think we would have blocked the actions very differently.

As we get toward the end of the semester it seems that 6x1 has padded my reel more than any of my other production class.  We cram a lot into this class and I think that is a good thing.  I believe we all want to be filmmakers because it is something interesting and exciting.  I want to be a filmmaker because every day will be different, and this is exactly how this class is.  You can expect everything to be different, every class something new will happen.  This is what I love about 6x1.  You have an idea about how class is be but most of the time you have a completely new experience.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

48 hour shoot

The 48-hour video race is really exciting. I love thinking of new ways to make art. I hate it when people just copy what everyone has done before. I forgot who said this in class but a security camera is an awesome idea. I’m really trying to explore different ways to make this shoot interesting. I was thinking about maybe shooting with a still camera like the film we saw in class then maybe switching it up with a cell phone, or a security camera at a heightened moment in the short. It was also thinking about trying to use the security cameras from the ATMs. If I could somehow use these cameras that would be cool too.
Scanners, digital cameras, and web cams are the only other forms I can think of right now. If some more ideas come to me I will write it on another blog. I think the stipulations of this project with force us to be more creative and therefore, help us use this creativity constructively. The projects I have worked on in 6x1 will help me with all different forms of filmmaking because it forces the artists to think of new and better ways to use the medium instead of relying on the past. It’s ok to make an homage but when an artist sticks to something just because it works, and has worked in the past then they are not really an artist. A really artist creates and explores and this is how I want to approach the 48-hour shoot. I was to do something that has never been done before. I don’t know if I’m going to successful but this is my goal.
I really like that ATM idea I had. I need to go speak to some local banks and see what they have to say. I wonder how long you can shoot on a digital camera. That would be interesting to find out. I guess I need to do a little more research for this project. I’m interested to see what other classmates write for the 48 hour shoot. Another thing that is cool about this is the mystery prop. You can’t prep too much because we don’t know what the mystery prop is. This could put an entire kink in my project if I start with an idea but I don’t know how to incorporate the mystery prop. But, I think it’s a great idea because it just makes you think even more creative.
It’s very nerve racking if you think about it. First, you have to come up with a cool and interesting way to shoot a short without a camera. Then, you can’t prepare anymore than getting a general idea of what you want to do, because you have to allow for this mystery prop to be introduced 48 hours before it’s due! I don’t think this is bad, I think this is great because I find that some of my best ideas come off-the-cuff when I’m not really concentrated and it just comes as a whim.
Another thing I like about this project is everyone gets to do their own. First, this means that everyone has to pull their own weight. And, it also means that you don’t have to rely on a group. I like group work don’t get me wrong but sometimes you just want to work by yourself. I think the expression is, “too many chiefs in the kitchen.” Anyway, I think that film is a collaborative medium and that’s a good thing because if everyone has a specific job then it makes the project that much better. However, sometimes naturally I want to do everything myself and this gives me an opportunity to do that on a small scale and I’m looking forward to it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who's got the rights?

The Ecstasy of Influence and the Molotov man articles were very interesting. I found myself agreeing with everyone’s point-of-view. I found it interesting how music is more of an “open source” for sharing, and how everyone gets so touchy with images and especially films. It’s cool how Burrough’s is mentioned. I never realized he cut and pasted from other artists. I have only briefly read bits of the Naked Lunch but it seems odd that such a highly acclaimed artist would borrow like that. I guess to a certain extent it has turned into a sort of homage. Like we see in films today and like we hear in music. Certain riffs and chords are similar, especially in blues music.
I loved the two perspectives of the Molotov man. Joy’s perspective holds a lot of clout. I mean, the photographer does not hold that moment in her hand just because she took the picture. And, just because she took the picture can she sue Joy for trying to re-create it in a different context. However, from Sue’s point-of-view she took an important picture that holds important meaning for the Nicaraguan people. She doesn’t want that image she holds dear to be exploited. But, if you look at it from en entirely different perspective maybe the exploitation of this image has shed new light on the original intention of the photograph. What I’m saying is, I would not have known the history behind this photograph if Joy had not recreated it in the first place.
Going back to the other article, we live in a world saturated with pop culture. It’s true, we know the fabrications before we see the real thing. Disturbia (knock off of Hitchcock’s Rear Window) is a prime example. Cheap imitations to sell a product, that’s all we get. Producers are never going to take a chance if they can make more money with a superhero flick. How does this apply to 6x1? 6x1 not only teaches use to incorporate non-conventional ways of creating art through film, but it also expands our minds as far as creativity. It takes a lot today to be original. I think this is the gist of the article. Not only is it ok to make a homage but it’s ok to steal, it’s good but at the same time we need to stay genuine and original so we don’t ruin something that is good.

The Rough Theatre

I like the idea of rough theatre. It makes sense to me. Sometimes you take the long way home just because it feels better. Sometimes you would rather go to the “hole in the wall” bar instead of the newest club. I think this is the same idea as the rough theatre. Art should not be questioned. Either you like it or you don’t. To me, rough theatre means that anywhere can be a stage and anyplace and hold a viewing. Rough theatre reminds me of the DYI movement in punk music. If anything 6x1 has inspired me. With this type of filmmaking I no longer have to rely on cast and crew. However, the idea or rough theatre takes it a step further. All restrictions should be thrown out the window. It’s the idea that a mistake is a good thing because you were probably planning too much anyway.
Just get a group of likeminded individuals and build a community. I may be reading into this way too much but I feel like we could use a little rough theatre at UNCW. The film community, specifically film studies is spread too thin. Everyone needs to help everyone else. Rough theatre is also about doing something just for the sake of doing it. It would be nice to see what it would be like if every film student tried make every idea that popped into their head. I know this is impossible, but that’s the idea. The idea that anything goes, we will figure out an easier way of doing something.
6x1 also reminds me of the DYI movement. Cameraless filmmaking really interests me. The idea of turning something into something completely different is a lot of fun. I also love how when we create something in 6x1 everyone has a different opinion on what it means or how it makes them feel. This is very different from narrative or documentary productions. In a narrative film you are confined to the director’s perspective. However, the there is a sense of freedom and randomness in the art created in 6x1.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

one-shot inspiration

One-Shot (POV) - "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU2AVp6uFDw

One-Shot (Following one Protagonist) - "Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_i1xk07o4g